Ben & Alicia's December Elopement at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
December 21, 2022

Hello Friends! I hope your 2023 has been good to you so far! Mine on the other hand has started off with lots of sickness in the Wilkinson house. Luckily everyone has bounced back and starting to get the ball rolling. While the past weekend was full of 2023/24 brides at the Southern Kentucky Bridal Expo, I wanted show you all the most elegant and gorgeous elopement!

We shot their elopement at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee. The day was full of love, laughter and a obvious commitment between Ben and Alicia. It was as if this was the easy part of their journey. Upon meeting Alicia she informed me of how they met and their circumstance. They had been in a long term relationship for several years and by long term I mean she lived in Tennenssee and he was a member of the Royal Military in the UK. It is amazing to me how something like love, which you can't physically see or hold can be so strong and keep hearts so close yet so far away. Their words, their touch, how they walked together, looked at each other was all evidence of the love they had for one another.

The day started off with the four of us ( Ben, Alicia, myself and Natalie, the hair and make up artist) all in their hotel room inside the gorgeous Joseph hotel. After we shot the getting ready process, details etc we climbed inside a Uber to make the short ride over to Cheekwood. This provided time for some unique detail photos and plenty of chats filled with laughter. Once on the ground we made our way to the West gardens for their ceremony. It was short, sweet and funny might I add. Once they said " I do " the three of use wandered the grounds taking in every opportunity we had for unique, fun and creative photos, most if which were candid. ( it's so easy when you have a couple like these two!). I left there that evening feeling like I had gained two friends and a renewed love for the art of photography. Enjoy the photos and until next time!

-R Wilkinson

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